Growing Brand Equity, Customer Equity, and Firm Valuation by delivering #WICKEDRESULTS. Partner Marketing is what I do, but building reputable brand eco-systems is why I do it.

eBook: Brand Anatomy Needed to Drive #WICKEDRESULTS

Strategy Launch

I have found that most organizations have a good idea of where they want to go; but are lacking how to get there.

Digital First

Digital presence is critical in today's world. While traditional methods still have their place, digital methods provide unparalleled reach and measurement opportunities.

Optimized For Effeciency

I optimize marketing plans and drive for results with both short and long term objectives. Always putting the customer at the center of the solution.

Engagement Options

Every business is different, every opportunity is unique. Engagement options allow the flexibility and scalability to match your needs.

Giving for Growth

I donate services to causes which help my community grow. Giving is found in my DNA because I care.




I believe that partner success is a derivative of creativity and innovation. Companies who lead industries are seen as those who drive solutions that meet their client’s needs. Understanding client needs through advanced data analytics and market research enables me to deliver #WICKEDRESULTS as your product team builds solutions.


Exceptional partner marketing content is central to every successful brand. Not only does the content need to be relevant and timely but it also must be personal. Understanding the buyer persona drives powerful engagement. My team of content marketing specialists deliver a wide range of content such as ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, video and video animation, webinars and podcasts. We get partner messaging right.


Building a successful brand starts from the inside-out. Identity is the core of why you do what you do. If your why is clear and well defined, the how and what you do fall into place. For example, our why is found in helping businesses like yours achieve #WICKEDRESULTS in partner marketing and sales. This means the results are measured and positively impact the bottom line. I give my clients the “red-velvet rope treatment” as I hand pick engagements where I know I can deliver results that matter.


Strategy without #WICKEDRESULTS is like walking around in a dark room hoping you don’t stub your toe. Strategic partner briefs and project planning are a critical process in project delivery. I take pride in delivering clear statements of work and strategic planning with each of my clients while showing results along the way.


Client: Docutech Corporation

Skills: Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Adobe Creative Suite

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At Docutech I was responsible for leading the company's re-brand efforts. The project took a year with a total investment and brand activation plan of 1.2M. I was instrumental in working with the internal and external resources to deliver the entire re-brand project on time and within budget. The project included a logo re-design, new web-site, complete content refresh, implementation of brand culture and brand guidelines.

Date: 2015

Client: Development Workshop Inc. - Business Advisory Council

Skills: Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Teamwork, Collaboration

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As the president of the Business Advisory Council I led a team of volunteers in connecting the mission of the Development Workshop in Southeast Idaho with employers in the region. Our goal was to drive disability awareness and enhance employment opportunities for those within the community who had disabilities.


  • When I think of a leader and mentor, I think of Ben Cornett. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben for several years now and his ability to learn, grow, and overcome obstacles is truly an inspiration to me and others. If there is one thing to say about Ben Cornett, it is that his passion to build a team and succeed is unrivaled. I would gladly be a member of that team any day.

    David Thompson, Brand Evangelist – Docutech
  • I learned a great deal from Ben about branding, marketing and sales coordination, and values. He is very detail orientated and hyper aware of the importance of the customer experience. Ben has a great deal of energy and is constantly coming up with creative ideas to improve image and brand. Ben is exceptional at simplifying complex tasks and hitting target goals. He always finds a way to deliver results on time and within budget. Ben is a savy negotiator and analytic in his solution finding. I'd recommend Ben in any capacity.

    Jake Butikofer, Brand Evangelist – Docutech
  • People don't like to be meddled with. We tell that to do, what to think. Don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.

    Mark Hellekson, Manager Spokane Mann & Hummel
  • Ben, is motivated, hard working and knows how to accomplish goals. I would hire him in a moment!

    Aaron Thompson, VP, Project Management IRI Implementation Services
  • Ben is a key and conscientious player. He is methodical and thorough. He reads continuously in industry publications. He conducts relevant questioning and research to identify the customer pulse. And then he uses the best tools available to him to track change and plan future direction. Ben manages teams and business finances with equal ease and effectiveness. Most importantly, Ben builds friends and relationships by smiling first, serving second, and receiving last.

    Aaron Mackley, Director of Product – Bitsize, LLC


"Identity is cause; brand is effect." - Larry Ackerman

I care. I care about driving change, building opportunity, creating results, and measuring success. I care about those around me and their ideas that bring positive impact to others. I care about being part of something great and leaving my legacy of dependability. Because I care, I work with teams around me to deliver marketing and brand strategy that impacts all the stakeholders.


We carefully design your partner Campaign Platform to ensure it is consistent with Strategic Brand Guidelines. If no guidelines are available, we design them with the executive team.


Development goes beyond coding. We develop core partner Message Attributes that communicate a brand's personality, tone, and unique value proposition to specific audiences.


Partner Marketing is the activity of deploying the brand's Strategic Plan. As an extension of your team, we implement brand activation plans through aggressive deployment strategies.

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The core of any successful venture is a genuine connection with it's why. Here is mine.

I care. I care about driving change, building opportunity, creating results, and measuring success. I care about those around me and their ideas that bring positive impact to others. I care about being part of something great and leaving my legacy of dependability. Because I care, I work with teams around me to deliver marketing and brand strategy that impacts all the stakeholders.

Our Team

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Partner Marketing Strategist

A solid track record speaks for itself. I help businesses just like yours obtain results. I work in partnership with organizations to drive and deliver their business marketing needs. I bring #WICKEDRESULTS time after time with consistent and reliable performance. If you need a marketing strategist that is business savvy, then I am who you should be reaching out to.



Partner Creative Consultant

Raitchele is creative at the core. She excels at helping individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and social causes communicate impact messages through art and creative style.

Meeka & Amy

Meeka & Amy


Meeka & Amy help our team develop with energy (Meeka), skill (Amy), and love. Our Mascots provide happiness and remind us of continuous patience.

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