Become an Expert on marketing by Watching These 3 Videos

Becoming an expert on marketing might take a bit more than just “watching” a small hand full of videos. However, if I had to choose which 3 videos contributed to my marketing career these would be the 3. The best part is that you can watch all three of my picks within just 45 minutes. So grab your notation method of choice and get ready to think…

That makes sense! Can it really be that dead simple?

1 – Steve Jobs’ amazing marketing strategy makes the top of my list for several reasons. Most importantly, it’s authentic.

2 – Start with why. Following the thought process introduced in the first videos we go back to values or as Simon Sinek lays it out in the video below the why.

3 – The greatest TED Talk ever sold is a short but an intriguing thought about what great marketers must do to make an impact or as Morgan Spurlock calls it “impressions” through disruption. Far too many companies I have visited with can not define their brand. That’s an issue. We’ve seen it at the core of this article. Marketing experts must be able to define brands.

As I mastered the concepts in these three videos, I’ve become a better marketing professional. As a partner marketing expert I work with account managers and partners to nail their core message and values. We then work to effectively tell their stories. While my dissertation ties activities to results, the most important step in bringing value is defining the value and then disrupting how it’s communicated. Got other videos I should add to my list, I’d love to see them and talk about them. Drop me a comment or message below.

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