Compelling Evidence Why Content Marketing and Social Media Programs Work

Stronger customer engagement can drive measurable results in terms of market share, total sales lifts, better frequency, and higher spend levels. These hard results are clear enough to identify but we wanted to understand more about the impact on overall brand equity. So, we gathered valid input across our clients’ customer base. The research outcome […]

father son customer obsession

A Story of Customer Obsession & It’s Payoff

Story Telling and Customer Obsession Merge Recently I was given some marketing collateral for an organization here in Boise called Life’s Kitchen where I saw customer obsession at work. I had heard about them and their cause; however, it wasn’t until recently that I witnessed a perfect merger between story telling and customer obsession. The research […]

Balanced Rocks

Balancing Brand Trust – Volkswagen

Balancing Brand Trust – Volkswagen Analyzing Brand Equity and Brand Trust The evolution of marketing is continuous.  Understanding the impact of marketing activities, product experience, and company action on brand equity (BEq) and ultimately firm valuation is on the minds of marketers, academics, and business owners.  This paper explores a recent disaster in brand trust […]