Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

The invention of customer relationship management (CRM) theory and later the introduction of CRM software has enabled nearly every organization to build somewhat of a customer centric marketing strategy. However, there are often pitfalls. This article will expose seven areas where companies often find problems. Seven Pitfalls in Customer Centric Marketing Strategy CRM and/or marketing […]

father son customer obsession

A Story of Customer Obsession & It’s Payoff

Story Telling and Customer Obsession Merge Recently I was given some marketing collateral for an organization here in Boise called Life’s Kitchen where I saw customer obsession at work. I had heard about them and their cause; however, it wasn’t until recently that I witnessed a perfect merger between story telling and customer obsession. The research […]

brand conversion

Brand Conversion

Brand Conversion Building brand conversion as an individual or corporation is no easy task.  A brand is the market’s perception of your persona.  A brand is defined by the feeling, culture, and people or person representing it.  While this might be a simple definition in text, it is much deeper of a discussion.  I hope […]

Marketing Plan in Jail

A Poor Marketing Plan is JAIL to a Great Brand

A Poor Marketing Plan is JAIL to a Great Brand Recently I had the privilege to join a colleague we discussed the essentials of building a brand with some advertisers. While we discussed some of the essentials with the group, two things hit me.  First, our culture is ultimately our brand.  Second, our brand was […]

Bull Dogs & Bad Marketing

Bulldogs & Bad Marketing

What do Bulldogs & Bad Marketing have in common? While my wife and I love our dogs, the English Bulldog we bought about 10 years ago was an adorable, fat, messy disaster. Don’t get me wrong, Saggy (our English Bulldog) was one of the dogs I loved the most. However, I loved her because she […]

Relationship Marketing

The Relationship Between Marketing Mix and Brand Equity

Analyzing the Relationship Between Marketing Mix and Brand Equity As a brand consultant I get asked about marketing mix often. A brand must understanding the ideal marketing mix and how it impacts brand equity (BEq), sales growth, and firm valuation has been on the minds of marketers, academics, and business owners as an ever evolving challenge.  […]