Compelling Evidence Why Content Marketing and Social Media Programs Work

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Stronger customer engagement can drive measurable results in terms of market share, total sales lifts, better frequency, and higher spend levels.

These hard results are clear enough to identify but we wanted to understand more about the impact on overall brand equity. So, we gathered valid input across our clients’ customer base. The research outcome was that not only did sales increase as customer behaviors changed but also their perception of each client’s brand was enhanced in the process. People also felt emotionally closer to our client. Another benefit was we discovered how powerful customer input became as the result of today’s social media phenomena. Social media is an excellent platform to keep the customer engagement fresh and live.

With companies spending millions on social media and content strategies and social media programs were a good and timely fit. Content marketing and social media programs play a very important part in customer engagement. Structured content strategy allows buyers to embark on a deeper emotional journey with your brand as they engage with the content you provide. They engage in a truly sensitive way by setting real goals, working towards achieving them and then staying incredibly focused with your company over long periods of time.

There is a distinct effect on price perception and convenience that directly helps level the playing field with bigger companies. There is also a clear “halo effect” that motivates customers to buy more often from your business, try new services or products, and switch a considerable part of their budget away from competing solutions.

Finally, your company’s brand benefits from a new community aspect where buyers engage with your content and one another via social media about your company’s features, benefits, and advantages as true evangelists of your products or services. The effect on the customer is an enhanced buyers journey. One that culminates in a meaningful, sincere thank you which helps to bond the relationship over time.

Many small and midsize businesses in Idaho struggle with the challenge of differentiation from their competition. A carefully structured content marketing strategy and social media program will play a crucial role in winning over customer’s hearts and minds. Content marketing delivers hard and impressive results on total sales combined with a soft, but very powerful, effect on brand perception and behavior towards your business all driven by your digital content strategy.

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