Why the days of “pretending” are over for partner marketing managers

Gone are the days where a partner marketing manager could pretend to drive revenue and results. With system simplification and robust data reporting, partner marketing managers can now follow their impact on revenue. While measuring 100% of the return on marketing investment (ROMI) in the partner channel isn’t totally possible, most marketing activities can and […]

Floating ship

Navigating the “SHIP” – Channel Partnership

When it comes to channel partner marketing, knowing how to navigate the partnership is essential to impact on revenue and success. In this short article I share what I have experienced in navigating through channel programs I’ve encountered over the last 5 years. Direction I’ve participated within channel partner marketing teams where direction was foggy […]

3 Channel Partner Enablement Trends in 201

Getting channel partner sales and marketing right can be a challenge. With the growth of MarTech and business automation solutions, enabling partners and growing revenue can be both easier and complex. However, I’d like to share 3 channel partner enablement trends I think SaaS companies will face this year.       Channel Conflict If […]

Winning at Partner Marketing

The goal of marketing per the American Marketing Association (AMA) should be to deliver a cohesive combination of communication activities, techniques, and media designed to deliver a coordinated message to targeted buyers. In the SaaS space this works best when organizations join forces and form partnerships to create better solutions. Early in my career I was taught by a […]

Fuzzy Tracking

Get Better Results with Integrated CRM & Marketing Automation Systems

CRM and Marketing Automation Integration is Critical to Clearly Targeting Your Customers Over the 25 years of my career in business development and marketing, I have seen the everlasting hunger companies have to understand their customers and where their most profitable sales qualified leads are coming from. In today’s world, an integrated CRM and marketing […]