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One Reason Why Marketers Lose The Brand Equity War

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Every corporate marketer’s goal is to build brand valuation through increased sales and to build the non-tangible brand equity a company has. There is just one problem that most business owners just don’t get. The brand is not just a logo that is printed or displayed online to represent a product or service. It takes visionary minds like that of Tony Hsieh to change the paradigm.

Watch this quick video and I’m sure you’ll start to grasp the only reason marketers lose the brand equity war – they don’t focus on organizational culture.

So what can marketers do to build brand value and brand equity?

It was pretty clear to me that I had to focus on aligning the investment in marketing with the genuine “why” the company exists. Not the hyped up what we think the why is, but truly the core, deep reason for the company existing. Let me share an example.

A recent client (ABC company) approached me with an urge to keep digging for a why that had purpose. Some members of the senior leadership team were looking for a why as the result of Simon Sinek’s book that meant more than reality. They have been through a  number of internal exercises to define their why. They then engaged a consultant to further define they why for the organization. After just a few short moments and a couple of open ended questions, the why became apparent out of genuine simplicity.  It was loyalty. Loyalty to employees and customers. The company was known for loyalty that non-other in the industry had. Suddenly, as a marketer I found something to build the internal culture around.

We win the brand valuation and brand equity war through a complete and thorough connection of company culture. It’s no accident that Tony Hsieh has pointed out that if you get the culture right, everything else is right. Even brand equity!

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