“When I think of a marketing strategist and leader and mentor, I think of Ben Cornett. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben for several years now and his ability to learn, grow, and overcome obstacles is truly an inspiration to me and others. If there is one thing to say about Ben Cornett, it is that his passion to build a team and succeed is unrivaled. I would gladly be a member of that team any day.”

David Thompson, Brand Evangelist – Docutech

“I have worked with Ben on a number of different projects. He has always provided remarkable input, in a timely manner, and has worked hard for our teams to succeed. I highly recommend Ben as an outstanding brand builder.”

Mark Hellekson, Manager Spokane Mann & Hummel

“Ben is a key and conscientious marketing professional. He is methodical and thorough. He reads continuously in industry publications. He conducts relevant questioning and research to identify the customer pulse. And then he uses the best tools available to him to track change and plan future direction. Ben manages teams and business finances with equal ease and effectiveness. Most importantly, Ben builds friends and relationships by smiling first, serving second, and receiving last.”

Aaron Mackley, Director of Product – Bitsize, LLC

“I learned a great deal from Ben about branding, marketing and sales coordination, and values. He is very detail orientated and hyper aware of the importance of the customer experience. Ben has a great deal of energy and is constantly coming up with creative ideas to improve image and brand. Ben is exceptional at simplifying complex tasks and hitting target goals. He always finds a way to deliver results on time and within budget. Ben is a savvy negotiator and analytic in his solution finding. I’d recommend Ben in any capacity.”

Jake Butikofer, Brand Evangelist – Docutech

“Ben, is motivated, hard working and knows how to accomplish goals. I would hire him in a moment!”

Aaron Thompson, VP, Project Management IRI Implementation Services

“Ben has an impeccable work ethic and knowledge base. He is known by his coworkers as an effective marketing leader. Ben is a pleasure to work with and he would be positive addition. Ben has unwavering moral values and he has always taken the hard right over the easy wrong. I believe that Ben would be an asset to any company who is seeking a motivated, positive leader.”

Matt Bennett, HR Generalist Recruiter

“I highly recommend Ben as an employee and business professional. He applies unique vision to problem-solving and has an inherent talent working with teams. I enjoyed working with Ben and continue to stay in touch to benefit from his original insight.”

Theresa Schwarz, Contact Center Optimization Consultant

“Ben is a very focused and determined marketing professional who would be an asset to any organization. I have witnessed first hand his competitive spirit and dedicated effort. Ben strives for nothing short of success.”

Jason Smith, Partnership Executive at InPlace Software

“Ben’s work ethic is admirable, contagious, and hard to come by. He emulates the true meaning of time management and is an example to all those eager sales representatives wishing to be the next TOP sales representative within their organization. His dedication is flat out impressive!”

Bryce Greenburg, Higher Education Consultant

“If I have to talk about a professional with an exceptional entrepreneur experience and excellent work ethics I would have to mention of Mr. Ben Cornett. He is a producer of high caliber and I strongly recommend him as an experienced marketing strategy consultant.

Rodrigo Goncalvez, Leadership Coach

“Ben is a highly detailed and motivated individual who works well within many sectors of the business environment. Ben has the ability to think outside the box to provide unique solutions to any problem, often times providing insights to needs that have yet to be identified.”

Julie Gunderson, Community Manager

“Ben is without a doubt one of the most dedicated passionate individuals I have ever worked with. His determination, drive and confidence allow him to succeed wherever he puts his energy into. Ben’s acute attention to detail and logistics with regards to business give him the vision to see paths otherwise unnoticed. I highly recommend Ben in all his capacity. Having Ben on your team is a certain component for success.”

Patrick Montgomery, Engagement Manager at Experis

“Ben is a very motivated and driven partner who is constantly excited to take on new projects which add value and success to the company. He continues to find ways for improvement and offers suggestions to both employees and the executive team. His desire is not only for his success but the success of those around him. He is an asset to our company and a pleasure to work with.”

DanaRae Bennett, Talent Acquisition Manager at Progrexion Marketing